Stony Plain

City of Stony Plain

Current population:  14,177


Stony Plain is a town in Alberta that has deep sense of history, with many fascinating stories that have become folklore and a part of our heritage.

The first homestead in the Stony Plain area was that of John L. McDonald. His settlement would later become the original town-site that is two miles south of present day Stony Plain.

In 1906, the railway came through but, it was about a “country mile” from where the town-site was. The town moved itself to what is the current location of Stony Plain.

By 1908, the population was about 1000. It was then decided to become a town and an application was submitted to the provincial government. On Dec. 10, 1908 it was incorporated officially as a town.

Over time as towns grow, and many old buildings are torn down to make way for new developments. However, many of the buildings around Stony Plain still remain from the days of old, and the preservation of the more unique buildings is undertaken in earnest. Around the town you can still see some of them. Main Street in Stony Plain still has some of the original structures albeit renovated: the Professional Building, the Stony Plain Hotel, as well as others still occupy the street.

Also to preserve the past in Stony Plain a murals program was undertaken to tell the various stories of Stony Plain’s past. The murals have been telling these stories since 1989. There are 27 murals around the town and that bring in many tourists every year.

To date, there are over 27 life-size murals and one six-foot statue of Sheriff Israel Umbach. Each mural is painstakingly researched by the artists with the assistance of the Creative Communities Committee and the Multicultural Heritage Centre

Information taken from the Town of Stony Plain website.